Spark Mentor Spotlight with Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards is married with two sons, the oldest a senior in high school, and the youngest in 5th grade. He is a professional full-time photographer (Dual Vizion Photography).

He is a Maryland resident and presently runs a creative community, Portrait Meet DC, while being a youth basketball coach and mentor in his free time. He is a strong believer in community, and hosts a weekly live YouTube show called the Dual Exchange, which promotes small businesses and encouragement for creatives.

Why did you become a mentor? 

I became a mentor after having had the chance to be a photographer for many of the events here at Spark the Journey. I was inspired by what I was capturing, and answered the call to action while shooting an event.

How long have you been mentoring with Spark the Journey? 

I have been mentoring for about a year now.

What activities do you do with your mentee?

We enjoy getting a chance to link up to eat and chat about life.

What has been a highlight of your mentoring experience so far? 

My highlight occurred when I finally was matched – the joy of knowing that I felt that the perfect pairing took place with my mentee and I.

What is one of your mentee’s dreams? 

He dreams of being able to contribute in a higher capacity for his family, and becoming more skilled at content creation online.

How are you helping them achieve it? 

Consistent communication and encouragement are key when trying to elevate the goals shared.

How has Spark helped you in your mentoring relationship? 

They provide a platform for success for not only the mentee, with their endless programs, but for mentors as well, by boosting morale with social gatherings and constant communication to see what we need to make the process beneficial.

What advice would you give anyone considering mentoring?

If you have thought about it, try it. The difference you make by sharing your time with a mentee is priceless.