Spark Alumni Spotlight with Ta’ Mia Lambright

Ta’ Mia Lambright became a Spark the Journey student in 2013. Originally from District Heights, she joined Spark because she wanted guidance and support in high school. She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and is currently a Communications Coordinator for a nonprofit in DC.

What’s one memorable moment from your time with your mentor? 

I have so many memorable memories with my mentor, but one that instantly comes to mind is around the time we first met. Simone and I decided to meet up at a frozen yogurt parlor. My mom, sister, and nephew joined us. I was so nervous about Simone hanging out with my family. I was unsure if we would all have a good time. How shocked was I when she perfectly fit in? We had an amazing time! So much laughter from that day. I remember leaving, thinking, “We’re gonna do just fine!” And we have. My mom is now deceased and I am beyond grateful Simone got to know her!

How did your mentor help you through the college application process and through the career preparation process? 

My mentor helped me at every step of my college application and career preparation process. She’s always available. She’s done an amazing job of creating space and being a resource. I can’t begin to list all she’s done but to include a few: financial aid troubleshooting, recommendation letters, job references, and most importantly, calming methods.

What college did you go to and what career path did you choose?  

I originally went to St. John’s University in New York, then transferred and graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. I am now a communications professional at a political nonprofit in DC.

In what ways has Spark the Journey impacted your life? 

Spark provided guidance through life. I can’t think of a chapter of my life where they weren’t involved. I remember so many workshops to help me transition into high school, so many conversations to motivate and encourage me toward college, and so many intimate relationships to help me through tough times. Financial support is why I selected Spark, but the village is why I stayed.

Motivated by the impact of Spark, I work at a nonprofit in DC as a Communications Coordinator. Still searching for and creating the life I envision for myself, but confident in my steps from all the guidance I’ve gratefully received along the way.

Spark has impacted my life in so many ways, but I truly thank them for opening doors for me and providing me with the priceless gift of higher education. I am forever grateful.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends. I love to laugh. I’ve been blessed with a village that is especially good at making me do so! I also enjoy cooking and trying new and exciting foods. I love new experiences.  Whether it’s something I’ve never done before or a new book, I love it all the same.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is “It’s a Google world” and “You always have choices.” Depending on how you grew up, a lot of us have to remind ourselves of our abundance in choice even when it appears to be the opposite. There’s opportunity for everyone!

What’s an accomplishment in work or in life that you’re especially proud of? 

I am proud of continuously cultivating space for me to grow, evolve, experience, and enjoy. Of course, there are more concrete accomplishments like graduating, working at impressive places like PBS, and my African American Studies certificate program – but honestly speaking, I am most proud of my personal growth, faith, relationships, and continuous hard work towards Joy.

What would you tell a young adult considering getting involved with Spark the Journey? 

Do it. You’ll leave with more opportunities, resources, connections, and goals than you walked in with – and also with less weight than you carried in.