Getting to and through college is the greatest lever for promoting upward economic mobility. Over a lifetime, individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn 84% more than those with only a high school diploma.* We are working to level the playing field for low-income, first-generation students by equipping them with the skills necessary to enter sustainable careers.

61% of CPE students have graduated college within six years, 3 times the rate of their similarly situated peers


“My internship experience helped me to better understand the work and dedication that goes behind discovering new means of therapeutics and medicines for diseases. It is not an easy process. My contribution over the 10 weeks was only a tiny portion of the studies of HIV-1.”

-Berniece, CPE college student

Preparing students for workforce entry is key to their success

Professional skill development


Internship stipends

Career exploration


“CPE has been a meaningful part of my life since 8th grade. The staff truly got to know me and my family. Their genuine care and love for us has been a model for me throughout all my experiences. They supported my growth in all ways and I am grateful for their thoughtfulness and intentionality. CPE represents a family for me along with the rest of my cohorts who I still keep in touch with.”

– Diana, CPE alumna