My Summer as a Virtual Intern During a Pandemic

CPE college student, Moziqe Howard, was awarded a $4500 CPE internship stipend over the summer. The stipend is offered to a small group of college students who secure low or unpaid internships to cover living, travel, and school expenses while interning. We believe that internships and other research and job shadowing opportunities help students build skills and connections needed for their career after college. Read about Moziqe’s summer internship experience below.

“Don’t be constrained by your circumstances, overcome them with hope, knowledge and adversity.”

This summer has brought on uncertainty and challenge. We are living with a pandemic and the many adjustments that we have embraced to feel comfortable. However, this summer has been a growing experience for me. I’ve learned how to telework, multitask, and manage my time.

This summer, the Summer Youth Employment Program granted me with the opportunity to intern with TSA Human Resources Solution Center. Throughout the summer, I provided support services such as issuing complex research resolutions through case studies, updating system accounts on Microsoft excel, and performing other administrative duties such as sending meeting minuets and emailing coworkers regarding emergencies or updates.

The difficulties I faced over the summer included getting accustomed to teleworking and completing assignments virtually. I’ve never had an internship or job position that was virtual. So, it was difficult to stay focused in my Zoom meetings and do assignments while I was at home. There were many distractions, so I had to come up with a resolution to focus on the assignments I had at task. My solution was to turn off all of the devices that didn’t have a correlation with my internship (phone, television, radio, etc.) and I locked myself in my room. That way I could focus my attention only on my internship. And yes, it did work!

My internship at HRSC has taught me the skill of consistency. At the beginning of the summer, I was uncertain about the progression over the summer and my ending results due to COVID-19. I was not confident that I would be able to successfully fulfill the roll of an intern with all of the circumstances I was facing. However, I made an effort to be on time every day and complete every task on time. As a result of my actions, I received the “Most Dedicated” award. I am more confident than ever about my future career goals.

Overall, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to find an internship in my field of study. I have gained confidence in myself, more knowledge in HR, and experience that I will use to further my career.