My Journey Continues – Moises Alvarez

Thanks to Spark, my journey continues!

What are your plans for next year? 

I will be pursuing a Fulbright Scholarship as an English Teaching Assistant in Hamburg, Germany. 


What are you most excited about for next year? 

Besides teaching, I am super excited to explore the city of Hamburg, the country of Germany, as well as Europe during my free time next year. I can’t wait to have those experiences and build new relationships overseas. 


What’s one goal you have for next year? 

As a German minor at Georgetown, I want to continue to build on my language skills after graduation. I hope to take my German to the next level while living in Germany for the next year. I intend on speaking as much German as possible to immerse myself in the language, in addition to the culture. 


What’s one lesson or skill you’ve learned at Spark that you think will be the most helpful for this next chapter in your life? 

I learned to be confident in my abilities as well as to be mindful of the times when I may need a helping hand or support of any kind. In Spark, I have a great support system on which I can rely. I know I can find success during my Fulbright scholarship and beyond, and I know that my team will be around me as they have been since I was 14 years old.