My Journey Continues – Brian Castillo

Thanks to the skills I learned, my journey continues! I am graduating from University of Maryland, College Park.

What are your plans for next year? 

Beginning in August, I will start a full-time position at Clark Construction as an Engineer.  


What are you most excited about for next year? 

I am excited to begin my career as this is the industry that I aspired to be in. I grew up around it my whole life and it has interested me since I was younger. Apart from work, I’m also excited to enter a new chapter in my life. I had become accustomed to my tight schedule in college that included attending classes in the morning and working at night. Now that I will graduate and focus just on working, I hope to have more time to do other activities that I enjoy.

What’s one goal you have for next year? 

One goal I have for next year is to establish a good work/life balance. I believe this is essential to good mental health and a successful career. That’s why I set this as my goal as I begin my career, especially in such a high paced industry.

What’s one lesson or skill you’ve learned at Spark that you think will be the most helpful for this next chapter in your life? 

One skill I’ve learned from Spark that has already helped me during college and will continue to help me throughout my life is the ability to utilize my resources. As a first-generation college student and a child of immigrants, I had become accustomed to trying to figure everything out on my own and was hesitant to reach out for help. Now I have learned to make use of the vast resources at my disposal that have helped me get through college and will help me during the start of my career.