CPE Mentor Spotlight with Peter Jorgensen


Mentoring provides the opportunity for one to give back and to support someone in their journey to achieve success. CPE shines a spotlight on Peter Jorgensen, a mentor who is helping his mentee, Isaiah, achieve his dreams.

Why did you become a mentor?

I became a mentor to both give back to my home city and because I have a passion for working with kids to achieve their goals.

How long have you been mentoring with CPE?

1 year

What is your favorite activity to do with your mentee?

Zay loves to try new types of food, so we often explore DC’s food scene.

What is one of your mentee’s dreams?

My mentee wants to go to college to have an opportunity to channel his creativity and intellectual curiosity into art, writing, and music.

How are you helping him achieve it?

My mentee and I have set clear college goals, worked together on developing a plan to keep a consistent level of performance in school, and I plan to help him learn to play an instrument.

How has CPE helped you in your mentoring relationship?

CPE has provided regular support, training, and networking opportunities that has helped me to become a better mentor. The relationship I have with CPE staff is great and I have always found the organization to push me to try new things with my mentee.

What advice would you give anyone considering mentoring?

Do it! It is a great way to connect with another person and really make a difference in their life, all while they improve yours.