CPE Mentor Spotlight with Paige Lawal

January 18, 2019

Hearing stories from our mentors about the work they’re doing to support their mentee is both meaningful and inspiring. Paige Lawal is not only our Volunteer Engagement Manager, but a CPE mentor as well. Learn how she is helping her mentee, Jennifer, achieve her dreams.

Why did you become a mentor?

I became a mentor because I wanted to make an impact in my community. I wanted to give back to a young person.

How long have you been mentoring with CPE?

6 amazing months!

What is your favorite activity to do with your mentee?

EAT and chat! We both love food and great conversation. Our lunch dates are always a pleasure.

What is one of your mentee’s dreams?

Jennifer wants to be a social worker. She has such a deep and genuine passion for serving our community. Her passion and compassion inspires me every time we interact.

How are you helping Jennifer achieve that dream?

We constantly talk about ways she can get more experience in the field. Currently we are working on her securing an internship so that she can work for organizations that do different social services in the community.

How has CPE helped you in your mentoring relationship?

CPE is always supportive. Aside from literally talking to my mentee about her own goals, they too put her in contact with people who can help her achieve them.

What advice would you offer someone considering mentoring?

Keep an open mind, CARE, and stay committed. Young people deserve to learn from our own trials and tribulations, and the mistakes we’ve made navigating through life. Our world would be a better place if we had more mentors.

To learn more about becoming a CPE mentor, visit https:/sparkthejourney.wpengine.com/mentoring/