DC Nonprofit Celebrates Three Decades Mentoring Youth 


Capital Partners for Education rebrands as Spark the Journey and unveils strategic goals

July 26, 2022

WASHINGTON Capital Partners for Education (CPE) celebrates nearly 30 years of helping our nation’s youth achieve their academic and professional goals. In recognition of this achievement, CPE has changed its name to Spark the Journey and unveiled three strategic multi-year goals to guide the organization into the future.

“Leading Capital Partners for Education for the past 21 years has been the highlight of my career,” said Khari Brown, President and CEO. “When I look back on all that we’ve accomplished, I’m humbled and I’m thankful for the lives we’ve affected. But I also look to the future to all that still needs to be done. Our new brand is more than just a name change; it represents doubling-down of our work to helping even more youth succeed.”

Today, less than 50% of children will earn more money than their parents, with that percentage plummeting for Black families. Spark the Journey seeks to fill that gap by providing mentorship and a community of support for young adults of color to chart their own paths to achieving college and career success.

Spark the Journey started on its path connecting students with supportive mentors within their communities. It emphasized mentoring as a powerful catalyst for changing life trajectories, but the organization knew that even more is needed to accomplish its ultimate goal of increasing social and economic mobility for underserved young adults.

In the years that followed, Spark the Journey partnered with schools and national research institutes to refine and expand its offerings. Building on that momentum, the organization has announced strategic multi-year goals to serve as a north star, creating a future where every young person can attain economic mobility, regardless of ZIP code, educational background, or race.

Moving forward, Spark the Journey looks to:  

  1. Set 780 additional students on the path to economic mobility. In three years, nearly as many students will be supported by Spark the Journey as it has served in its entire history.
  2. Recruit over 1,000 mentors to support young adults on their path to attaining economic mobility.
  3. Secure employment for 80% of participants in a career field associated with their degree within six months of program completion.

In addition, Spark the Journey is expanding its program outcomes to include associate degrees and industry-recognized workforce development credentials from Spark the Journey partners in addition to bachelor’s degrees. While Spark the Journey will remain primarily a college access program, it will reinforce career readiness and alternative programming opportunities to ensure that all young adults who join the program have a bright future regardless of any obstacles they may face while pursuing higher education.

Spark the Journey’s new brand and goals define how the organization shows up in the world to support young people and collaborate with its many partners to ensure that they thrive. The future of our country relies on our nation’s youth to chart their own pathways to success and redefine the systems that shape daily life. Whether it be higher education, direct career entry, or personal goals, every young person deserves the same resources and opportunity to lead a life of their own choosing.

For more information, visit sparkthejourney.wpengine.com or email Danielle Tyler at danielle@cpfe.org.  

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About Spark the Journey 
Capital Partners for Education, now Spark the Journey (STJ), is a nonprofit organization that provides mentorship and a community of support for young adults to chart their own paths to achieving college and career success.   

Spark the Journey is continuing Capital Partners for Education’s legacy and is growing into a national community. Today, Spark the Journey supports more than 500 mentees as they enter young adulthood. Spark the Journey’s unique mentorship approach fosters long-lasting relationships between mentors and mentees as young adults choose and pursue the education, career path, or personal goals they want to achieve—with a community of support behind them.